The Benefits of Being a Member

As a member of one of our Associations, you get a wide range of benefits, from advice and guidance to discounts.

Advice and Guidance: All members have free access to our Helpline service and to its guidelines and advice. This includes technical and legal advice.

Primary Advice: Members are covered by our Primary Authority Agreement, which means that if they follow the guidelines marked as Assured Advice they are protected if they are challenged by EHOs in relation to these. Members can also use the Association’s Primary Authority and Government links to seek clarification on any specific issues they may have, including labelling. All members are covered by the Association’s Primary Authority Agreement whether they have their own agreements or not.

The Mint Guide: All members have access to The Mint Guide and automatically receive updates as they are published.

Keeping up to Date: All members receive regular weekly updates via ebulletins covering changes in legislation and other issues that could affect their businesses.

Networking: The Associations provide members with opportunities to meet, share information and discuss issues of common interest through webinars and meetings.

Training: The Associations have a partnership agreement with The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink to provide discounted on-line training for members. The courses are endorsed by the Food Standards Agency and recognised across all four nations.

Working Groups: From time-to-time the Associations will set up working groups to discuss issues affecting the industry and work in collaboration to seek solutions. Members can participate in these groups.

A voice with Government: As a Stakeholder recognised by Government, we provide a voice for members and the industry on issues affecting these markets, such as labour shortages, packaging waste and obesity targets. While the Associations work closely with other organisations on broader issues, they also provide a voice on issues that specifically affect the markets we represent.

Magazines: Membership includes free subscriptions to the magazines published by J&M Group.

Market Reports: The Associations organise regular webinars at which leading market research organisations outline trends affecting our markets. These are freely available to members along with recordings of them which can be accessed through the appropriate Association’s website.

Supporting Members and the Market through National Weeks: Every year we reach out to millions of consumers to support out members and promote the sandwich, food to go, pizza, pasta & Italian food markets that we represent by organising both British Sandwich Week and National Pizza Week.

Webinars: The Associations organise an annual programme of informative webinars designed the make it easy for members to gather useful information. These cover a wide range of topics from Employment law and how to use technology to streamline operations to guidance on new legislation. Holding these online and making recordings of them accessible to members means that even the smallest business can benefit from them.

Business Insurance: To help retailers get the best possible deal, the Association has linked up with a specialist insurance broker who understands the foodservice markets we represent. Members often find that this service is more competitive and targeted than policies obtained through local general brokers.

Employment Law and Health & Safety Helpline: All members have free access help and advice via a legal helpline covering employment law and health and safety legislation. The service is manned by specialist lawyers and members also have access to a number of free online advisory webinars covering these areas.

Encouraging Excellence: The Association organises annual Awards for both the British Sandwich & Food to Go industry and the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food industry. The gala dinners at which the awards are presented also provide a networking opportunity for members. Members enjoy a significant discount on the cost of places at these dinners.

These and other benefits are open to ALL our members

- Click on the appropriate Association logo to see the specific benefits for each organisation.

We’re here to help – if you have any questions or issues you need help with, email us or give us a call on 01291 636338. If we don’t have the answers ourselves, we can use our extensive network of industry and government contacts to find them for you.


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The information contained in this publication sets out both the legal requirements that food businesses are expected to comply with as well as good practice. However, it is industry guidance and does not necessarily cover everything that food businesses need to consider