What are consumers looking for in 2024?

In this webinar (from 16 January 2024), Katie Gallagher (Lumina Intelligence) and Amanda Twigg (ESA Retail) discuss what turns consumers on when buying sandwiches and food to go products as well as some of the things that turn them off when visiting outlets.  

While Lumina’s consumer tracking provides some valuable insights into current consumer trends, the mystery shopper visits organised by ESA highlight some of the key things that can turn shoppers away.

Speaker bio

Katie Gallagher is Insight Lead and resident market analyst at Lumina Intelligence, Katie’s mission is to help businesses align with market trends and consumer needs, with over five years’ experience in food and drink market insight.  Katie will share will be focusing on more nuanced healthier eating (gut health, protein focus etc.), cuisine and product trends in the market and the importance of value and what value actually means beyond low prices. 

Amanda Twigg - a Senior Client Executive with eight years’ experience at ESA Retail will discuss what mystery shoppers see as the most common areas that let outlets down. Moreover, Amanda will delve into the invaluable role of trackers in aiding businesses to identify and rectify these shortcomings, ultimately leading to substantial improvements in overall customer satisfaction.

Lumina Intelligence is a global consumer and shopper data platform combines advanced analytics and insight to explain every measure of behaviour, from planning and conducting a shop to choosing where to eat and drink across retail and hospitality markets. Lumina Intelligence is a new solution and a new name for HIM and MCA insight. Their team of experts are deeply engaged in food and drink, and they support their partners with data subscription solutions, insights and reports, as well as bespoke projects tailored to customer needs.

ESA Retail have forged a reputation as a market leader for large-scale price collection, auditing, and mystery shopping programmes as well as Food2Go Market Trackers. Their Mystery Shoppers service give you a deeper understanding of performance and the factors affecting it.